Red is the New Black!

Happy Early Valentine's Day Everyone!

Last night Nikita and I got together and she had a great idea! Lets make some love themed cupcakes!

We've tried out a new recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes and... well we loved them!
Take a look:

Now I can't make this entry any longer because I am addicted to watching the Grammy's tonight. How fantastic are these preformances?

I think I need to make a Katy Perry cupcake... would that be too much? (just kidding)

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!


Rubber Ducky... You're the One!

Hello Everyone!
My goodness it's been a while. Sorry about that. School is off to a crazy start for both Nikita and I. That being said we were able to take some time out of our busy schedule to make some Baby shower cupcakes for our dear friend Miranda who is expecting a baby boy this spring!

Look what Nikita can do with Fondant!

Fully Edible Fondant rubber duck

Fully edible Fondant Polar Bear

How delicious do these animals look... I mean really? (I mean that in a vegetarian and vegan friendly way).

Next up is another Dora birthday cake, but this one will be a 3-D cake.
As we all know Spring; it's just around the corner. I cannot wait to start bringing back the lemon blueberry, raspberry lemon drop and all of our fabulous fresh fruit infused cupcakes.

Let the baking (and warmer weather) begin!

Have a great week

PS You know the best way to say I love you?

The answer: A Dolce Amore Cupcake for your Valentine!

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