Hello Everyone!

I am writing as a very sleepy version of myself. This past weekend has been filled with birthdays and anniversaries (and of course, baking). It has been so much fun. In particular I am so grateful to have been able to celebrate my beloved uncle and aunt's 50th anniversary with them last night.

There will be more pictures to follow from that event but here is what we've been cooking up the past few days.

First up were icecream cone cupcakes with vanilla cupcakes, buttercream frosting (and sprinkles on some) for a friends 25th birthday.

Mini cupcakes in classic vanilla were made to match the theme of a 50th anniversary party. White and champagne colored roses filled the hall and these little guys fit right in.

A 20th birthday celebration for someone that loves a punch of color. These Dolce Amore cupcakes have their traditional chocolate base, custard filling and fondant topper, with a little message added to it!

I hope everyone can enjoy the sunshine and rest that is required on a Sunday such as this.

Talk to you later,

Monkeying Around this week

Hello Everyone,

I wish the above statement was true. The past couple of weeks have been a completely, fabulously busy whirlwind of exciting events. Aside from the summer course I am taking (for fun... I don't know why I do these things) work has been busy and baking has been top priority when time is available.

This weekend there are several events we're baking for. I have a 50th anniversary party for my Aunt and Uncle that I am baking mini cupcakes for, then a 20th birthday party and lastly a 2 year old's Monkey-themed birthday party.

Here are the fondant toppers we're putting on them!

I love these little guys. And since I didn't have round cutters in all the different shapes I needed I decided to get creative. For the eyes, I ended up using one of my wilton tips for decorating and just used the edge of those! Sounds a little bit messy but it was totally worth it!

I'll post pictures of all the finished product at the end of the weekend

Tip for the Kitchen: If you're ever trying to make new shapes, don't be afraid to use tools that have been created to do something else. Sometimes those are the best tools to use, and FREE! Just make sure they are well cleaned of course ;)

Till next time,
Have fun and eat a cupcake!


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