Happy Birthday(s)

So the past few weekends have been filled with birthdays galore!
First it was a lavender and pink birthday for a birthday surprise.

Then the next day it was my cousin's birthday. She loves beach vacations, and asked for sprinkles so I thought why not go with a beach themed cupcake!

This past weekend it was my mom's birthday. She loves the color green and just spent the summer with my dad landscaping our backyard so I thought a garden 'theme' cake might be in order.

Oh and Nikita has been busy baking away a new and IMPROVED Pumpkin Spice cupcake AND an A M A Z I N G vanilla cupcake. I can't wait to share those with you!

Happy Halloween!


what a wonderful weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend has been filled with many reasons to give thanks. First there was Marisa and Adrian's wedding; what a wonderful, romantic, love filled day!
I brought a few cupcakes to the pre-party. To stay with the thanksgiving theme I brought pumpkin pie cupcakes with whipped buttercream.

What a beautiful bride, and a wonderful day.

Next was a dear family friend's 90th birthday party. Congratulations Helen! Pictures from those cupcakes will be coming soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of love, laughter and good times.


Cold, Rainy Weather

Is it just me or is today the perfect day for some hot apple cider, a cozy blanket and a romcom movie?

(Feel free to replace apple cider for hot chocolate and marshmallows!)

Looking forward to this weekend. Stay tuned for pictures!

PS a great way to make homemade apple cider is below:
Using 1-2 cups of Tropicana Freshly Squeeze Apple juice (not from concentrate) OR you can juice your own apples if you are crafty
Add 1 tsp of cinnamon (or more to taste) (some people like to add nutmeg or all spice as well)
Heat over stove top at medium heat stirring often.
Remove when it's begun to boil.
Pour into your favorite mug, add a cinnamon stick for good looks and ENJOY!

Happy Wednesday!


exciting stuff!

So after a fairly difficult month I have decided that October is going to be fantastic, upbeat and full of good news.

That being said I am proud to announce the "LIGHT" butter cream recipe is COMPLETE! For those that prefer a whipped buttercream frosting with a hint of butter and sweetness, with less than half the sugar (and all the taste). It's so soft and easy to work with. I'm so happy I tried it.

I won't lie it took about 15 minutes to mix so at the 10 minute mark I was certain there was no hope. But I put my faith in the Kitchen gods and it paid off.

Next Saturday I'll be making a few babycakes for a family members wedding (which I'm VERY EXCITED FOR!) Hopefully the recipe is as well received by them as it was in the house.

I'll have some nice photos for you next Friday.

Thanksgiving weekend is going to be busy and wonderful!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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