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Hope you guys are having a great week


Sorry for my absence but this month has been quite busy. Aside from school getting underway again I had an End of Treatment party for a dear friend that has finished all her cancer treatments! Naturally I celebrated by bringing cupcakes!
The mini vanilla swirls are I am happy to say were well received:

Next was my best friend and baking partner Nikita's birthday! So naturally I made her favorite, mango raspberry swirl for the occasion. I know she liked them. Plus I got to try out my newest tip. The Giant French tip from Adecco.

and lastly I was flattered when asked to make the cake for my partner's nephew's 2nd birthday. He is all about dump trucks (when he says the word it sounds very close to a profanity) so I decided to go with that theme. The kids loved it and I made the cake base low in sugar (made up for with the butter cream) to keep the mom's happy!

We also came up with a Banana butterscotch part 2 (a much better version in my opinion). It's sweet and savory. I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with a good name for it though.
"Scotchlate" is my next to try. I want to combine a chocolatey cupcake with a butterscotch ripple and a butterscotch butter cream icing. We'll see how that goes.

Now that school is in full swing I am expecting to slow down a little. Hopefully things will come back into full swing come December when the break hits. And plus... CHRISTMAS time will be here!

Have a great weekend everyone


Hey guys
I just wanted to let you know you can find us hiding at the cabbagetown festival this weekend!
We're serving some coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting:

and some mango delite cupcakes:

and our classic vanilla!

Have a great weekend everyone... and WISH US GOODLUCK!

Busy Bee's!

Hello again!

I cannot believe it. It's officially September. Summer is almost over. As great as the season has been to us I think Nikita and I are both excited for what lies ahead this fall.

Nikita and I have been pretty busy recently. We've been trying out new flavors, and designs.

We've come up with a Pumpkin Spice Cupcake (perfect for Thanksgiving). Plus we're going to start adding the apple and spice cupcakes to our regular menu for the fall season.

On top of that we have been fulfilling a few orders for some old (and new) friends of ours. Plus today is my dad's birthday so I decided to whip up a quick cake for the occasion! Here is how it turned out:

I will leave you with some photos of what we've been doing to keep busy!

Hydrangea Bouquet Cupcake

Daisy bouquet Cupcakes

Hydrangea Cupcakes

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and enjoys their cupcake orders!


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