Cupcakes galore!

So I have been a little delinquent in my blogging. This past week and a half has been really busy. With Nikita on the other side of the country I was given the task of fulfilling an order for a friend of ours that was going to not one, but two BBQ's last weekend.

One of the BBQ's was Gluten Free. When she requested gluten free cupcakes I thought it might be a good time to give a new recipe a try. I'm happy to report they came out tasting delightful and were very well received! Here they are...

The other two types of cupcakes were vanilla ganache filled cupcakes with strawberry butter cream frosting, and our traditional chocolatey chocolate.

Doing my first solo order was exciting and scary. I love baking with Nikita because I always know she is there to keep me calm and collected. Thankfully this week there were no disasters. No leaking pans, no smooshing cakes. I'm glad it all went well.

I also want to thank Laura for thinking of us. I'm so glad everyone liked the cupcakes! It was delightful baking for you.

Oh and one last thing... I MISS NIKITA! Can't wait for your return this week.

Now I must get to sleep,
Good night all


Struggle... Struggle... SUCCESS!

This morning was quite an adventure. Nikita and I were putting together our first "pram" baby shower cake for an old colleague and friend of ours.

I got up early to start baking and the pan decided to start leaking. Yes LEAKING. About 3 minutes after the cake was in the oven I started to smell something burning. When I looked there were globs of batter burning at the bottom of the stove. It was not a pretty sight. I took that cake out, tried to put some foil on the bottom to prevent it from continuing, but it was too late. I couldn't very well give them a cake that I had lost confidence in. So I made a second one. Thankfully I had a second cake pan of the same size and it worked just fine! After taking it out of the oven I let it sit and then
Nikita and I began the decorating journey!

It started to look like a cute baby pram cake. I got really excited! We finished it in record time too. Sounds great right? it was!
Then we just had to take it from the board, and place it into the box.

That's when IT happened. The board cracked and folded. The wheels of the pram smooshed against the body of the cake. A mixture of yellow and pink frosting made the look like a terrible mess.
I wanted to cry, Nikita laughed hysterically. Then we both laughed. This WOULD happen to us, when we need to have it done in 15 minutes.

Lucky Nikita is a decorating genius and we were able to salvage the cake thanks to her.
THANK YOU NIKITA THANK YOU THANK YOU to the best partner ever!

Now it's safely stored away, waiting for pick up!
The picture quality isn't that great this time around, but here she is...

The cake is a vanilla chocolate marble. It's topped with vanilla butter cream and filled with vanilla custard. I hope they like it!

Now... it's time to rest.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Today I have been thinking a lot about the term failure. Not just in baking (which has happened SEVERAL times when trying to create new recipes) but in life in general. Do you recognize the name Thomas Edison? He invented the first incandescent light bulb.

I once heard somewhere that Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time, actually failed at creating the light bulb (among his many other inventions) over 5000 times before getting it right. When asked how he felt about failing 5000 times he responded, "I have never failed, I have simply found 5000 ways that do not work." I love this quote.
I think it's so important to remember that when we feel as though we are failing at something, we are just finding out ways that don't work. Moral of the story: KEEP TRYING!

Sometimes I need to give myself a pep talk like this so I thought I'd share this one with you too.

On a food related note- Nikita and I have a big day on Wednesday. We're testing out a few new recipes. I won't tell you the flavors until we have them complete though. Wish us luck! I'm pretty excited

Good night,



Yesterday I went to a pool party. The weather wasn't all that fantastic but naturally I decided to bring some festive cupcakes. I went with a more tropical, summer theme so I brought vanilla with pool blue vanilla frosting, raspberry lemon drops, and mango delite babycakes. Here's what they look like:

Today I decided to try out some chocolate cupcakes for a friend of mine. This time I was pleasantly surprised with the result. I took a recipe from the "joy of baking" cookbook and tweaked it a bit. The result was just what I was looking for. I topped it off with some pink butter cream frosting to give to a friend of mine that is off to Africa to volunteer with habitat for humanity. Have a great time Liz! You're drive and enthusiasm is inspiring!

here is a sneak peak at her little gift.

I hope you are all heading to bed from a fabulous weekend. Have a wonderful Monday tomorrow!

Good night!



Hey there

Nikita and I have been baking daily and coming up with new flavors and recipes for all to enjoy.
So far we have gotten rave reviews about our Mango Delite cupcakes as well as our Coconut cupcakes. We're both really proud of them. Here's a peak at the Mango Delite!

We're working on more flavours but for now we are feeling pretty good about the following:

Lemon Blueberry
Raspberry Lemon Drop
Mango Delite
Babaganache (Vanilla cupcake with chocolate ganache filling!)

There are more to come, wish us luck!!!


Party-Q: success

Party-Q was a success!
Everyone loved the cupcakes and they came in handy as the night went on and people got hungry.
I made some truly marble marble, raspberry lemon drops, chocolate and vanilla mini cupcakes for all to enjoy. It was a long night, but so worth it!

Now Nikita and I have been busy baking away perfecting some other recipes. Apple'n'spice and everything nice, Mango Delite, coconut, chocoholic and a couple of others.
Lets see what we can come up with tomorrow!

Good night!

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