Champagne Birthday

Hello cupcake lovers!

This past weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind. I turned 25 of the 25th which was quite exciting. I was completely spoiled by my family and friends and feel so lucky to have people like that around me.
Now enough with the cheesiness. Let me tell you about the wonderful gift I got from Nikita!

As spring approaches Nikita and I have been discussing some new flavors to add to our menu. We're really excited about a few that we've come up with. One we hadn't tried yet was an Oreo cupcake or a Rolo cupcake. I am a sucker for a rolo. The chocolate and caramel together makes a perfect combination or sweet and smooth.
Nikita was nice enough to test out a recipe and they were DELICIOUS!
I wish the picture would do it justice but here, take a look!

This incredibly light, fluffy and moist cupcake was filled with a rolo chocolate and topped with a caramel butter cream. It was worth turning 25 for, believe me. In fact, I may turn 25 again next year just to do it again (just kidding).

We will be doing a photo shoot pretty soon to show off some of our newer flavors and to let all of you see the INSIDE of our cupcakes (finally).


Hello Everyone!

So after a jam packed weekend such as this one Nikita and I exhausted, but so incredibly happy to have been a part of the Pink Tie Affair Charity Gala benefiting the Weekend to End Women's cancers.

The event's organizer, Rebecca B asked us to make some cupcakes that fit the pink tie theme. We were honored that she asked us and jumped at the opportunity to support such a significantly important cause.
Here is what we came up with when we put our heads together (i.e. Nikita was creative and I said "yes, sounds great!")

We had assembled as many as we could before heading to the venue but due to size of our carrying cases we could only add the toppers to a few cupcakes (in the photo above). The staff at the Bellagio did a great job putting them together and each table got 10 or 11 cupcakes. One with a breast cancer ribbon made of fondant, and the rest equally divided between the little toppers that said "Believe, Love, Courage and We Remember".

Both Nikita and I feel that supporting a cause such as research to end any kind of cancers is so important. Cancer affects all of us and it's so important to work together to raise awareness, education and support research so that cancer may be conquered in our lifetime.
Dolce Amore Cupcakes is so proud to have been among the many supporters of the Pink Tie Affair Gala on Friday night. We just had to take a picture of our names on the board :)

Until next time everyone, have a wonderful night and if you're anything like Nikita and I, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FINAL ASSIGNMENTS (sigh... I should probably start those soon).


March Maddness Begins!

I just got back from a wonderful Caribbean cruise. I feel refreshed and am ready to bake (especially since Mexican vanilla is pure and comparably inexpensive when you buy it there).
Look what I found on a tour of Cozumel!

This month is going to be so exciting (and busy) for Nikita and I... I can't wait.
Tomorrow is Raquel's 4th Birhtday party with a Dora cake and pink cupcakes to celebrate!

Next week we have The Pink Tie Gala in Woodbridge. This event is an amazing fundraiser for research to end Women's Cancers. We are so excited to be apart of this amazing event. I'll be sure to post pictures from the gala when we get home!

I will leave you with this beautiful sunset, somewhere between Florida and Jamaica!

Have a great night everyone!

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