Nothing says Spring like... Snow???

Ok I am all about encouraging the showers in April. Rain is natural and beautiful and gives me an excuse to stay inside and bake new cupcakes... HOWEVER when I wake up on the 17th of April to a BLIZZARD of snow, I am certainly less than impressed.
Anyway, hopefully this was the final appearance snow will make for the season.

Regardless of what mood Mother Nature is in this weekend, Nikita and I got together to make some Spring Cupcakes! After putting our heads together we have come up with some pretty cool designs for easter and Spring in general.
I really love what we've come up with. Here, take a look!

Also this past weekend we had an order for a 3 year old's Birthday Party. The theme was Pink Princess! We had to free hand the little crowns, painted them with edible gold dust and added a little silver candy ball for a 'little something extra'.
Here they are!

After the great response we've gotten from our friends and loved ones (and some strangers) Nikita and I will be baking almost all weekend! I'm pretty excited about it actually! I have a feeling this Easter is going to be DELICIOUS!

I hope you have yourself a Merry Tuesday and Wonderful Wednesday!
Talk to you soon,



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