Straight A's!

Hello everyone,

This past weekend has been hectic, but a lot of fun. I had the pleasure of putting together an order of school inspired cupcakes. A student wanted to show their appreciation to an awesome professor and thought custom order cupcakes would do the trick.
I used some white fondant and dyed it using gel colors. Then I took a few minutes rolling it and testing out different shapes before I got a little apple that i was happy with.

next I made a few little books with a personalized code on top.

Here's what came of my little adventure into three D fondant molds (without Nikita's coaching skills)

Then, this Friday was my last day at work at a local retirement home. In order to show my appreciation for some of the amazing residents I have met there, I decided to bring in a few little treats for everyone.

Next up is a 25th anniversary/ 50th birthday celebration! Stay tuned for the next baking adventure!



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